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National Federation of the Disabled, Nepal (NFDN)

राष्ट्रिय अपाङ्ग महासँघ नेपाल

Welcome / स्वागतम

Welcome to the official website of National Federation of the Disabled, Nepal (NFDN). NFDN is an umbrella organization of more than 300 disability organizations of Nepal.

This website is our platform for sharing news, articles, resources and other materials related to disability issues of Nepal. We hope you will find this website useful.

Our website is accessible for people with visual impairments. Please use the accessible toolbar to invert the color of this website and to increase the font size.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions to make this website more effective for all.

People with disability celebratinf 23rd disability day
Picture Caption: People with disability celebrating 23rd disability day

National Federation of the Disabled Nepal (NFDN) is legally registered nongovernmental organization (NGO) under the institutional enrollment act of Nepal. It is the national umbrella body of persons with disabilities, represents more than three hundreds member organizations working for promoting the rights of disabled people throughout the country. As the nongovernmental and non profitable organization NFDN has been leading disability rights movements in Nepal since 1993 through its working strategies - Advocacy, Awareness raising, Capacity building, Networking & Collaboration.

NFDN is happy to welcome our viewers and visitors and share its activities, achievements and various disability related information. 

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