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National Federation of the Disabled Nepal (NFDN) is legally registered nongovernmental organization (NGO) under the institutional enrollment act of Nepal. It is the national umbrella body of persons with disabilities, represents more than three hundreds member organizations working for promoting the rights of disabled people throughout the country. As the nongovernmental and non profitable organization NFDN has been leading disability rights movements in Nepal since 1993 through its working strategies - Advocacy, Awareness raising, Capacity building, Networking & Collaboration.

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A delegation of persons with disabilities Meet Prime Minister Today

Once again, the persons with disabilities are filled with doubt towards the Nepal Government as they didn't see any single representative from disabled community in the list of 17 persons nominated as CA members by the cabinet. This unexpected behavior of government has created a big worry among the disabled community that the government may be disrespecting the movement carried out by the persons with disabilities for their participation in the CA and its achievements.  

South Asian Conference of Women with Disabilities Ended up with 15 points Kathmandu Declaration - 2014.

National Federation of the Disabled Nepal convened two days conference of South Asian Network of women with disabilities, at Kathmandu on 14th and 15th July 2014. The key objective of the conference was to bring the South Asian leaders of women with disabilities together to discuss on the different issues of women with disabilities and highlight it in the international forum. The other specific objective of the conference was to form a regional network of South Asian women with disabilities.

If the demands are overlooked, we will go for hunger strike unto death

National Federation of the Disabled Nepal called a press meeting  in Bhadrakali, Kathmandu today and repeated its stand on the move that the organization has been taking for last one week demanding the representation of persons with disabilities in the constituent assembly.


Solidarity of Political Leaders and human rights activists on the relay hunger strike of persons with disabilities.

In the leadership of National Federation of the Disabled Nepal, persons with disabilities are in relay hunger strike in Bhadrakali since February 5, 2014 demanding at least four disabled representatives in the Constituent Assembly (CA). Today, the fifth day of the hunger strike, the leaders of various political parties and human rights activists came to meet the persons staying in hunger strike and expressed their commitment, moral support and solidarity to the movement.

Persons with disabilities have come to hunger strike for their political rights

The national leaders of Persons with disabilities started relay hunger strike at Kathmandu today. They have stepped towards such decisions while the government and political parties did not put serious attention towards their demand of the representation of persons with disabilities in the constituent assembly.

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