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1. Key Positions

  • President - Mr. Shudarson Subedi
  • Senior Vice President - Mr. Devi Bahadur Pokharel (Representing Physically Disabled Persons)
  • Vice President (Female) - Ms. Tika Dahal
  • General Secretary - Mr. Raju Basnet (Representing Parents of Intellectual Disabled Persons)
  • Secretary- Mr. Om Prakash Banjade (Representing Visually Impaired Persons)
  • Treasurer - Mr. Kumar Regmi (Representing Deaf Persons)

2. National Discipline Authority

  • Coordinator - Mr. Tek Nath Neupane
  • Member (Male)- Mr. Gokarna Prasad Acharya
  • Member (Female) - Ms. Bhuma Chaudhary

3. Elected Central Board Members

  1. Asmita Bhattrai
  2. Chandrkanta Paudel
  3. Devi Acharya
  4. Devidatta Acharya
  5. Dharmaraj Ghimire
  6. Gomadevi Paudel
  7. Gunraj Khatiwada
  8. Jamuna Titung
  9. Kalpana Bjracharya
  10. Kaminidevi jha
  11. Madan Mahrjan
  12. Man Bdr Saud
  13. Mtrika Devkota
  14. Nabin Dhungel
  15. Netra Bdr shahi
  16. Nirml K. Shrestha
  17. Nitakeshari Bhattari
  18. Pramila Joshi
  19. Rabin k. Mainali
  20. Rameslal Shrestha
  21. Ramratan Harijan
  22. Satischandra Jha
  23. Shisir Khanal
  24. Shiva kumar Gyawali
  25. Shiva Shrestha
  26. Sita Subedi
  27. Sugam Bhattrai
  28. Tripta Magar
  29. Udaya Bdr Limbu
  30. Yam Basnet
  31. Ydunath Adhikari
  32. Nardevi Bhandari
  33. Lila Khatri
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