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Live telecast of review of rights of persons with disabilities in Nepal from Geneva has now ended. Please visit our site again for news and updates about the event.

नेपालमा CRPD कार्यन्वयनको समिक्षा वैठकको दोस्रो दिनको बैठकको जेनेभा बाट भइरहेको प्रत्यक्ष प्रसारण सकिएको छ। यस समीक्षा वैठक को अन्य समाचार र अपडेट महासंघको वेबसाईटमा चाँडै हेर्न सकिनेछ।


  1. Administrative Manager : Mr. Manish Prasai
  2. Finance Officer : Mr. Sanjay Shribastav
  3. Country Coordinator (DRPI/AWARE Project) : Mr. Sagar Prasai 
  4. Project Coordinator : Ms. Sita Aryal
  5. Workplace Coordinator (DRPI/AWARE Project):
  6. Program Coordinator : Mr. Bimal Paudel
  7. Communication and Documentation Officer: Ms. Sanjaya Ban
  8. Account Officer : Mr. Prashant Kumar Jha
  9. Admin Assistant : Ms. Tulasa Dahal
  10. Office Secretary : Ms. Sita Baral
  11. Information and Counseling Assistant : Mr. Suresh Rajbhandari
  12. Receptionst cum SL interpreter : Ms. Deepa Lamichane
  13. Project Assistant : Mr. Ramesh Prasad Mainali
  14. Project Assistant cum Attendant: Mr. Santosh Ghimire
  15. Driver : Mr. Ishwor Raila
  16. Office Helper : Ms. Sabitra Basnet
  17. Office Helper : Ms. Som Kumari Wagle



1. Regional Coordinator

  • Eastern Region - Mr. Uttam Siwakoti 
  • Central Region - Mr. Kirtan Duwal
  • Western Region - Ms. Sabitra Ghimire 
  • Mid-Western Region - Ms. Uma Chaudhari 
  • Far-Western Region - Mr. Jeevan Kumar Bhatta


2. Regional Office Assistant

  • Eastern Region - Ms. Renuka Koirala
  • Central Region - Ms. Sita Malla Thakuri
  • Western Region - Ms. Sushila B.C
  • Mid-Western Region - Ms. Nirmala Khatri
  • Far-Western Region - Mr. Jitendra Singh Pujara



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