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Apr 4, 2015

Electoral Laws and Policies Reviewed from Disability Perspective

Picture from Election Commission Program

National Federation of the Disabled (NFDN) in partnership with US Aid/ IFES organized a day “Interaction and sharing of the Electoral Laws and Policies Review from Disability Perspective” on 3rd April, 2015 at Media Center Hall of Election Commission of Nepal, Kantipath, Jamal.  The program was organized in order to share the findings of the study conducted by NFDN in October, 2014. The program was moderated by Mr. Shudarson Subedi, National President of NFDN, whereas, Mr. Bir Bdr. Rai, Joint Secretary of ECN, and Ms. Lila Gadtaula, Joint Secretary of ECN, were the Chief Guest. There were 50 participants from ECN, representatives of different Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs), and different election stakeholders like IFES, NDI, NEOC, NNDSWO etc.

NFDN has conducted the study of Electoral Laws and Policies in October, 2014, to critically analyze the laws, policies, guidelines related to electoral process of Nepal from disability perspective, which supported in understanding the gaps and recommend to take positive measures to remove existing obstacles to citizens with disabilities exercising their full electoral rights on an equal basis with other citizens. Mr. Kishor Rijal, consultant of the study, made the presentation about the findings from the study. The program was mainly focused on the gaps and the recommendations for the existing Electoral Laws and Policies.  On the basis of the presentation, open floor discussion was made where the participants shared their views.

Mr. Bir Bdr. Rai, Joint Secretary of ECN, and Ms. Lila Gadtaula, Joint Secretary of ECN, highly welcomed the recommendations in the electoral policies and committed to raise the issues for amendment and also mark the recommendations for any new policies formulation in the upcoming days.

In the upcoming days, NFDN will be conducting various programs and coordination meetings for the implementation of the recommendations.

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