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Apr 23, 2015

Peer to peer counseling on Facing Interview Organized

Panelist and Participants at Peer to Peer Counselling
Picture: Panelist and Participants at Peer to Peer Counselling

National Federation of the Disabled Nepal(NFDN) organized an event Peer to peer counseling: “how to face interview” for persons with disabilities. The event was organized in hotel Hardik Bagbajar under the program of DAP, Supported by Australian embassy.

The event was targeted to the job seeker youths who previously attended some other skills development trainings organized by NFDN. 15 youths with different kinds of disabilities participated in the event.

Padam Bahadur Pariyar, The disability project coordinator of International Forum for Electoral System(IFES) led the panel discussion for whole event. The event was moderated by Bimal Paudel, a program coordinator of NFDN.

Mr. Padam B. Pariyar firstly put some tips for participants and some possible questions to face any kinds of interviews. Sharing his own experiences, he tried to encourage all the participants in facing the interview on their relevant posts.

He also suggested some clues to be accomplished by any interviewee as pre-interview, during interview and post interview activities. He further responded to some questions of moderator as well as some participants. Most of the questions were related to the special preparation that interviewee with disabilities ought to accomplish while approaching any kind of interview.

Mr. Sagar Parsain, the focal person of DAP program and Bishal Dahal, work placement coordinator of NFDN also shared their own experiences taking relevant time of the event. All the participants felt happy to be in such event and requested to organize that kind of event even in forth coming days.


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