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NFDN Introduction

NFDN is national umbrella body of persons with disabilities and represents more than three hundreds member organizations working for promoting the rights of disabled people throughout the country.

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advocacy meeting with Prachanda


NFDN leads the disability community while advocating about various issues pertaining to persons with disabilities with the government and other stakeholders.

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press meeting of NFDN

Awareness Raising

We constantly work with various stakeholders like educationist, employers & policy makers etc to raise their level of understanding in disability.

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meeting with FNCCI

Capacity Building

NFDN constantly organized various activities, orientation, trainings and workshops to help increase various professional and organizational capacity of member organizations and their representatives.

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meeting with FNCCI

Networking & Collaboration

NFDN has partnerships with government of Nepal, various national and international development agencies and private sector to effectively carry out its programs.

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Apr 29, 2015

Nepal Earthquake Disaster

Picture showing devastating effect of Earthquake
The devastating earthquake on 25th April at 11:56 AM, in Nepal has caused an unbelievable and huge loss of life and many public and personal properties including historical places registered as world heritages. The effects of earthquake, followed by many aftershocks during three days, have seen in 30 district and 7 out of them have been affected severely. All the affected people and those who are living with fear of next strong aftershocks are taking shelter in the open place with lots of troubles. In this situation of sorrow, NFDN's family express its tribute to all demised persons for the peace of their soul and hearty condolence to their family, praying with God to provide power of tolerate the sorrow.
In most of the situation of disaster including such earthquake the persons with disabilities use to be vulnerable and at high risk. In the current situation, NFDN is getting information from different sources about the vulnerable situation of person with disabilities in the earthquake affected area. This information has seriously drawn our attention. So in this sensitive condition we humbly request to each and every stakeholders, individual and government agencies who are doing rescue and providing relief packages and medical treatment to the affected people to perform their service and task keeping persons with disabilities and their special needs in additional priority. Similarly we request to all types of media to encourage the rescue and relief team to consider specially for persons with disabilities while doing rescue and relief works.
We also would like to inform you all that NFDN is initiating with government and stakeholders its best to get the access of persons with disabilities in relief and rescue as far as possible.
According to the information collected from different district through telephone by 27th April, 3 persons with disabilities including 1 child of 6 years have been found killed. Many persons with disabilities have lost their family members, parents, their houses, other physical properties and livestock. They have also got severe injury. Father of Mr. Ramesh Pokharel (blind person, president of National Association of Blind) has been injured badly and getting treatment. Grand farther and mother of Ms. Khusi Magar (person with physical disability) have been killed and the house has completely damaged. Ms. Safalta Pokhrel (blind person) has lost her house and all livestock. The earthquake has destroyed the houses of Mr. Santosh Khanal (person with physical disability) and Mr. Sishir Khanal (blind person and central member of NFDN), Ms. Sarita Lamichane (Blind person), Ms. Safalta Pokhrel (blind person) and Dhan Bahadur Khadka (person with physical disability) .
A small village of Gorkha, where many persons with disabilities were living, has been reported to have damaged by the earthquake. We are trying to get the detail information. Sindhupalchok is one of the mostly affected district. Most the persons with disabilities living in Sindhupalchok have lost their houses. As we have been informed so far the houses of Ms. Chandika Timalsina (persons with low vision), Ms. Saraswati Paudel (persons with physical disabilities), Ms. Gita Timalsina (person with physical disabilities), Ms. Kalpana Bhandari (person with physical disability), Mr. Som Dulal (blind person) have been damaged completely and they have also lost their livestock. We are still trying to contact our friends living in Dhding and Sindhupakchok. So, all the stakeholders engaged for relief and rescue are requested to consider specially and be careful for persons with disabilities, senior citizens, children and pregnant women while doing rescue, providing medical support and distributing relief packages.
If you want to provide any information about the causalities, injuries, damages and trouble faced by persons with disabilities please call on the following number. We will initiate our best with government to increase your access in the relief and rescue work in an equal basis.
Tika dahal (Secretary General) – 9851090732
Manish Prasai (Administrative Manager) – 9841261406
Thank you
National Federation of the Disabled Nepal
Central office – Vrikutimandap, Kathmandu