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May 2, 2015

Status of PWDs in Recent Earthquake

Persons with disabilities have been affected by the earthquake in following way.
The information about current situation of the persons with disabilities affected by the devastating earthquake of 25th April are coming in the NFDN's central office from different earthquake affected districts. NFDN has obtained the information of 108 affected persons with disabilities by 1st May 2015.
According to the information 8 have been killed and 100 have been affected in different ways.  Out of killed 8 people 1 is male, 5 are female and 2 are not clearly identified, in which NFDN is trying to get detail information.
Out of affected 100 people 50 are male, 49 are female and 1 is not identified clearly. Most of them have been displaced and lost their houses and livestock including all other physical properties completely. Some have been injured severely and some have lost their parents, family and loved. Similarly some business run by persons with disabilities and schools where children with disabilities were studying have been destroyed badly.
A café being run by disabled women in the initiation of Nepal Disabled Women Association has been damaged. A school of Jorpati area has been damaged where around 150 students with disabilities were studying. In Sindhupalchok, the earthquake destructed a school of deaf children, Sindhu Deaf School and its hostel which was established in 2001. Now, there is no possibility to resume the classes in the same building.

Persons with disabilities affected by earthquake (in numbers)


We are continuously tracking the additional information from earthquake affected district through our member organizations, regional office and district unit as far as possible. If you have any information about persons with disabilities or parents of persons with disabilities affected by earthquake please fill the form attached below and send us in or .
If you have problem to send the information filling in the form; don't hesitate to send it in your own way including at least Name, Sex, Age, Disability; Address – VDC, Ward, Tole; Losses – Life, physical properties, injury, losses of family members etc.   

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