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Jul 13, 2015

Conference Organized for Children with Disabilities

Children with different kind of disabilities inuagurating the programPicture Caption: Children with different kind of disabilities inuagurating the program

National Federation of the Disabled, Nepal (NFDN) in the financial support of Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare (MOWCSW) organized a child conference: Talent show for children with different types of disabilities in Hardik hotel Bagbajar, Kathmandu Nepal dated on 13th July, 2015, 28th Asar, 2072 B S.

33 talented children (from 8 to 15) comprising children with physical disability, visual disability, intellectual disability, Autism, Down syndrome, hearing disability were participated from 6 different
schools and institutions of Kathmandu valley. All the participants were encouraged in showing their different talent such as painting, singing, reciting poems, and so on during the event.

The event started at 12.30 PM upon the arrival of all the invited participants from 6 different schools and institutions. The program was formally inaugurated by 7 youngest children with 7 types of disability lighting 7 candles. Initially, they were told about some issues of disability in brief and then all the participants were requested to draw freely some paintings on different themes of disabilities and related issues.

Some visually impaired as well as other types of children who were not involved in the drawing activities, were engaged in some other activities such as singing, reciting poems, delivering speech, and so on. Beside these, some of the visually impaired children were oriented on how to operate some modern devices: computer and mobile by visually impaired persons.

Mukunda Hari Dahal, Secretary of National Federation of the Disabled, Nepal moderated the whole event whereas The artist, Sanjaya Bantawa facilitated the drawing activities and Bimal Paudel, program officer of NFDN supported on the orientation for the visually impaired students for their different performances during the whole event.

The best painting of the conferencePic Caption: The best painting of the conference

Finally, 4 paintings of Nima Gyaljen Sherpa, Manisha Rai, Sirjana Shrestha, and Sahil Gurung, the best painting from 4 disability category: Hearing disability, visual disability, physical disability and intellectual disability respectively were selected by Sanjaya Bantawa. But all the participants were given the prize on the basis of their disability category.

Tika Dahal, General secretary of NFDN at the closing part of the event expressed her happiness to be the part of such event where different children with disability were giving their outstanding performances,
despite their various personal limitations. She further committed to surely organize such kinds of events in forth coming days as well.

Tika Dahal, General Secretary of NFDN giving prize to the winner.Picture Caption: Tika Dahal, General Secretary of NFDN giving prize to the winner.

All the children with different kinds of disability seemed to be actively participating in the event and enjoying a lot. In this current, NFDN have felt necessary, In a nutshell, to organize same kind of events covering the whole nation in forth coming days so that all the children with disability would get a platform in developing and bringing out their internal talent.

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