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नेपालमा CRPD कार्यन्वयनको समिक्षा वैठकको दोस्रो दिनको बैठकको जेनेभा बाट भइरहेको प्रत्यक्ष प्रसारण सकिएको छ। यस समीक्षा वैठक को अन्य समाचार र अपडेट महासंघको वेबसाईटमा चाँडै हेर्न सकिनेछ।

Mar 22, 2017

Republished: Call for Proposal : Access Audit

National Federation of the Disabled Nepal (NFDN) is national umbrella organization of persons with disabilities representing 336 member organizations throughout the country. NFDN has been working with various partners with Nepal government for promoting and protecting the rights of persons with disabilities since 1993.

Since the year of 2016, NFDN has been implementing a multiyear project titled "Accessibility for Inclusion" in the partnership with CBM and the project is mainly associated with improving accessibility conditions in public infra-structures and facilities for persons with disability. We are going to conduct the access audit of three cities of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur primarily focusing on the governmental and public structures such as buildings, pathways, parks, supermarkets, schools/colleges and so on.

In this context, NFDN is seeking for the consultancy service from a competent Engineering or architectural Company and/or  individuals (architects or engineers) to carry out access audit as follows:

Duties and responsibilities of the consultant:

  • Prepare the access audit tools and techniques in accordance with National Building Code and Accessibility Guideline of government of Nepal, international standards or practices and principles of universal designs.
  • Carry out consultation meetings with different user’s groups to identify the needs and challenges and persons with disability in using physical infra-structures and facilities.
  • Prepare audit methodologies with sample size in the close consultation with NFDN project team and CBM Nepal.
  • Conduct the access audit of three cities in line with agreed methodologies.
  • Prepare the draft report of access audit and consult with project team before finalize.
  • Submit the final report to NFDN and share the key findings in the report dissemination workshop.

Work experience, competency and capacity of the company:

  • Proven skills on accessible design, construction and cost estimation.
  • Knowledge on accessibility  standards for people with disability and universal design principles.
  • Experience of conducting the access audit, designing the disability friendly, resilient and safe infra-structures or other related tasks.
  • Knowledge on disability, inclusion or humanitarian system and works.

So, interested company and/or individuals (architects or engineers) are requested to submit their hard copy of the following document with cover letter;

  • Proposal with financial requirement.
  • Copies of the legal documents of company registration.
  • Company's profile with the accessibility related work experience , competency and capacity.

Address to submit the proposal:

National Federation of the Disabled Nepal

Central office :

Vrikutimandap, Kathmandu, Phone : 014231159

Project office :

Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Near Dhobikhola Bridge, Just opposite of the Prabhu Bank, Phone : 014488540

Deadline for submission : 27th March, 2017.

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