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Jul 15, 2016

Nepal begins writing civil society report on UNCRPD

National Federation of the Disabled Nepal (NFDN), in collaboration with Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Coordination Committee (HRTMCC) and Informal Sectors Service Center (INSEC), organized a meeting with stakeholders working on disability rights, to set a process and structure to start writing Civil Society Report (CSR) on the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), today at Kathmandu.

During the discussion three important presentations were made from the experts on Practice of preparing Civil Society Report on the various human rights treaties in Nepal, Role of Civil Society in Preparing Civil Society Report and its Process to Submit in CRPD committee of UN; and Proposed Process and Structures to write Civil Society Report on CRPD by Ms. Samja Shrestha,-Coordinator of HRTMCC, Mr. Deep Magar- Representative of OHCHR and Mr. Raju Basnet-General Secretary of NFDN respectively. Following the presentations the floor discussion was focused to conclude the process and structure to start preparing the CSR on CRPD. As the process, the meeting concluded that there will be a main committee with the representation of national DPOs and disability rights organizations in the leadership of NFDN to lead, manage, validate and coordinate the whole report writing process and further a technical team of experts will be formed to lead data/information collection, analysis, and drafting. Beside this there will be data collection team, program management team as well. The meeting also agreed on the deadline of December 2016 to complete the final draft of the report.

Nepal has ratified CRPD in 2010. According to the provision of the convention, the government has submitted its first state report in 2014 which was two years delayed. However, if the civil society is not satisfied with the report of state they have also rights to submit an alternative or shadow report to the CRPD committee of UN to supplement the state report.

NFDN president Mr. Shudarson subedi giving his remarks in the program

Since NFDN is the national umbrella organization of Disabled Peoples Organizations (DPOs), following the submission of the state report on CRPD by the government in 2014 NFDN has been carrying out various discussions with the relevant stakeholders to prepare the civil society report on CRPD on behalf of civil society. HRTMCC has been facilitating and supporting NFDN technically for this effort. HRTMCC is a common network of civil society formed to monitor the human rights treaties in Nepal and to facilitate and coordinate to prepare and submit civil society report in various human rights treaties which have been ratified by Nepal. NFDN has been leading this process as the member of HRTMCC.

Photos from this event can be found at Facebook Page of INSEC Human Rights Library.

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