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Apr 22, 2016

Interaction on disability inclusive school Enrollment Campaign organized

National Federation of the disabled,  Nepal (NFDN), in partnership with Plan Nepal, convened “National interaction on disability inclusion towards the school enrollment campaign and role of stakeholders on it”. The event was held on  22TH April, 2016 at World Trade Center, Tripureshwor Kathmandu.
General Secretary Raju Basnet Addressing the event
The event saw the participation of around 50 representatives from different governmental agencies, DPOs, educational partners, journalists and other concerned stakeholders. Mr. Ganesh Paudel on behalf of Department of Education, Mr. Shudarson Subedi, president of NFDN and Mr. Prakash Silwal from RSS presented three different papers for further discussion.
During the discussion, Shurya Bhakta Prajapati from RCRD Nepal also shared the best practices of their organization in the school enrollment campaign for children with disabilities in Bhaktapur district. In the run up to the event, Mr. Raju Basnet, General Secretary of NFDN and Shudarson Subedi jointly moderated  the sessions and floor discussion.
Upon the initiation of new academic year 2073, Government of Nepal is now running the school enrollment campaign “Welcome to School” throughout the nation as usual. This year, GoN has chosen children with disabilities as priority group and also adopted some schemes in attracting and welcoming the targeted groups. IN this circumstances, The event mainly aimed to discuss on disability inclusion schemes in school enrollment campaign adopted by government of Nepal and to put forward some recommendations for upcoming days.
Participants of the programs
Mr. Paudel, Joint Secretary of DOE presented his paper on “Disability inclusion model on school enrollment campaign adopted by Government of Nepal”. His presentation clearly shown the policy context and different programs forwarded by GoN in ensuring the rights to education of children with disabilities. GoN mainly adopted following methodologies and schemes this year:
1. Circulation to all district education offices for the inclusion ofchildren with disabilities in school enrollment campaign.
2. Giving Support to children with disabilities from PCF unsallary fund as per needed.
3. Specific disability requirements to be  fulfilled.
4. Scholarship provision has  been changed in addressing the specific cases of children with disabilities.
Mr. Subedi presented the concerns of NFDN in inclusive education and school enrollment campaign at specific level. Mr. Silwal added the presentation on “Role of Mass-media in the promotion of inclusive education in Nepal”. At the concluding part of the event, participants put their views over the presentations and other issues on inclusive education.
School enrollment campaign related issues:
1. Door to door campaign is essential for the increment of enrollment rate of children with disabilities.
2. Parents and school management committees awareness programs ought to be conducted.
3. Special needs of individual with disabilities should be treated and addressed separately: Specially intellectual disability, autism, psychosocial disability and deaf blind.
4. Specific admissions skims for children with disability should be provided.
Schools must prepare disability friendly structures and systems in order to attract and welcome the children with different types of disabilities.
5. Media mobilization might be the strong tool for different awareness schemes.
6. Residential facilities should be given to children with complete disability and children from difficult geographical locations for a short period of time.
Other issues:

1. Some picture related chapters of mathematics, science and other subjects should have alternative chapters.
2. Disability friendly evaluation and examination system should be developed and executed.
3. Curriculum should contain disability issues.
4. Model inclusive schools got to be built in some places and replicated in other places as well.
5. Scholarship must also be provided to children with disabilities in private schools(Boarding schools).
6. Interaction with different concerned stakeholders should be organized in different level.
7. Educational programs should also be focused in local level as well.
8. Children with disabilities should also be involved equally in Extra-curricular activities and such activities got to be disability friendly.
The interaction program was happened to be fruitful, even though some of the concerned governmental agencies and development partners were not presented as expected. Most of the participants urged the recommendations of the event to be submitted to National Planning commission, Ministry of Education, Department of Education and other concerned agencies. They also insist the organizer on conducting same kind of programs in forth coming days as well. 

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