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नेपालमा CRPD कार्यन्वयनको समिक्षा वैठकको दोस्रो दिनको बैठकको जेनेभा बाट भइरहेको प्रत्यक्ष प्रसारण सकिएको छ। यस समीक्षा वैठक को अन्य समाचार र अपडेट महासंघको वेबसाईटमा चाँडै हेर्न सकिनेछ।

Nov 24, 2017

Monitoring training accomplished by Persons with Disabilities for accessible election observation

यो समाग्री नेपालमा पढ्नुहोस्

National Federation of the Disabled-Nepal(NFD-N) conducted election monitoring trainings for 125 Persons with Disabilities and their parents. They will observe House of Representative and the House of Province Election- Nepal, 2074with the objective to ensure the accessibility standards in the election process of representative districts of seven provinces.

The trainings were conducted in Biratnagar, Bardia, Kailali and Hetauda. The first phase of election will be observed on 10th of Mangsir in two districts (Jumla and Sangkhuwasabha)and accordingly five districts (Saptari, Sindhuli, Parbat, Bardia and Kailali) will observe in 21st of Mangsir.

Election Observation Training

Photo Caption: Ms Tika Dahal, vice president of NFDN is seen facilitating one of the training. Also seen in the pictures are participants of the program.

The training was organized with financial support of IFES Nepal. The training was facilitated by Tika Dahal, Vice President of NFDN with the collaborative support of IFES and district election office. IFES representative and other focal district personnel's also took sessions during the two days training with the prime focus on accessible election process. The accessible election process was observed through mock election procedure.

Mock Election and Mock Observation Organized During Training

Photo Caption: Mock Election and Mock Observation being organized during training in Hetauda. These mock election and observation were organized in all four training venues with the technical help from respective district election office.

The core components of the training included introduction of House of Representatives and House of Province Election-2074, laws regarding elections, election procedure from disability perspective, code of conduct for observers, their roles and responsibilities.

After the completion of both elections, the observer will report recommendations from their observations to NFD-N and eventually NFD-N will compile the overall report and present it to the Election Commission, Nepal.

Group Photo of Participants after training was completed in Bardiya

Photo Caption: Group Photo of Participants after the training was conducted in Bardiya.

यो समाग्री नेपालमा पढ्नुहोस्

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