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Apr 15, 2019

NFDN Elected New Federal Board

National Federation of the Disabled Nepal (NFDN) successfully elected its new federal board comprising of 39 members for upcoming three years tenure from the 8th National Conferences and 19th Annual General Meetings held in Biratnagar on 8th and 9th April 2019. The newly elected president of NFDN is Mr. Mitralal Sharma, a visually impaired person from Kapilbastu district. In the other key posts of the board Mr. Ramesh Lama, Ms. Rama Dhakal, Mr. Raju Basnet, Mr. Bhabuk Jung Thapa and Mr. K.P. Adhikari have been elected in the post of Senior Vice President, Women Vice President, General Secretary, Secretary and Treasurer respectively. Out of total elected members, 14 are female which is around 42% of total elected numbers of boards.

Mitralal Sharma, newly elected NFDN President, giving his remarks during first meeting of new central board.

Photo:Newly elected Federal President Mr. Mitralal Sharma and other Board members

The name list of newly elected full board is presented below

S.N.Name of PersonGenderPostDisability
1Mr. Mitralal SharmaMalePresident Visually Impaired (Low vision)
2Mr. Ramesh LamaMaleSenior-Vice PresidentPhysical Disability
3Ms. Rama DhakalFemaleVice President (Female)Physical Disability
4Mr. Raju Basnet MaleGeneral SecretaryRepresentative (Parent) of Intellectual Disability
5Mr. Bhabuk Jung ThapaMaleSecretaryVisually Impaired (Blind)
6Mr. Kedar Prasad Adhikari (K.P.)MaleTreasurerHearing Disability (Deaf)
7Ms. Dev Kumari ParajuliFemaleMemberPhysical Disability 
8Mr. Chintamani PaudelMaleMemberPhysical Disability
9Mr. Sugam BhattaraiMaleMemberVisually Impaired (Low vision)
10Ms. Sita SubediFemaleMemberVisually Impaired (Low vision)
11Ms. Bishnu Kumari PaudelFemaleMemberHearing Impaired (Hard of Hearing)
12Mr. Krishna GajurelMaleMemberHearing Disability (Deaf)
13Ms. Mina BhusalFemaleMemberRepresentative (Parent) of Intellectual Disability
14Mr. Nirmal Kumar ShresthaMaleMemberRepresentative (Parent) of Intellectual Disability
15Ms. Uma Sunuwar B.K.FemaleMemberRepresentative (Parent) of Deaf-blindness
16Mr. Rabin Kumar MainaliMaleMemberSpeech Disability
17Ms. Durga Regmi ParajuliFemaleMemberRepresentative (Parent) of Autism
18Mr. Sanjay Raj NeupaneMaleMemberPsychosocial Disability
19Mr.  Ram Krishna BogatiMaleMemberHemophilia
20Mr. Santosh PanthaMaleMemberHearing Impaired (Hard of Hearing)
21Mr. Krishna GautamMaleMemberPhysical Disability
22Ms. Anjana K.C.FemaleMemberPhysical Disability
23Ms. Pratima LamaFemaleMemberVisually Impaired (Blind)
24Mr. Ramesh PokhrelMaleMemberVisually Impaired (Blind)
25Ms. Satya Devi WagleFemaleMemberHearing Impaired (Deaf)
26Mr. Pitambar LamsalMaleMemberHearing Impaired (Deaf)
27Mr. Shiva ShresthaMaleMemberIntellectual Disability
28Ms. Krishna Maya AdhikariFemaleMemberDeaf-Blindness
29Ms. Sonika DhakalFemaleMemberPhysical Disability
30Ms. Manju KhanalFemaleMemberPhysical Disability(People with short height)
31Ms. Neha KumariFemaleMemberPhysical Disability 
32Mr. Rishi Kumar ShingMaleMemberPhysical Disability
33Ms. Rupa Rani RaiFemaleMemberVisually Impaired (Blind)
34Mr. PuranTamangMaleMemberPhysical Disability
35This post is vacant because there was no any candidacy    
36Mr. Ram Ratan Harijan MemberPhysical Disability
37Mr. Kesav Raj DevkotaMaleMemberPhysical Disability
38Mr. Surendra KhatriMaleMemberPhysical Disability
39Mr. Chandra Kanta Paudel, LamjungeMaleMemberPhysical Disability

Note: According to the constitution of NFDN the president of each province committee is the automatic member of federal board. 

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