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Mar 26, 2016

Far West Regional Employment Dialogue Organized

National Federation of the Disabled, Nepal (NFDN), in partnership with Handicap International, organized a regional dialogue on employment for persons with disabilities at Dhanghadi, Kailali on March 25, 2016. This event was organized as a part of regional level dialogue series to promote employment for persons with disabilities. NFDN intends to organize these series in all five development regions of Nepal. With this event organized on far west region, the total number of these regional employment dialogue organized so far reached four.

The event saw the participation of around 30 job-seekers from Kailali, 10 representatives of disability organizations from far western development region and 10 employers from and around Dhangadi area. Few government stakeholders and representatives from other I/NGOs were also present in the program.

The participants of the overall program was categorized into: jobseekers (who are being ready to enter job market), achievers (who already are doing jobs or self-employment activities), employers' representatives (who represents individual business or groups like chamber of commerce) and DPO leaders (who represents disability organizations within the reasons) and stakeholders (government and I/NGO representatives).

The program officially started with welcome speech by Mr. Raju Basnet, General Secretary of NFDN. Mr. Basnet also highlighted the importance of the program. The day long program was moderated by Mr. Bimal Paudel, program officer of NFDN.

NFDN General Secretary Raju Basnet giving remarks on the programPicture Caption: NFDN General Secretary Raju Basnet giving remarks on the program

The first part of the program was informal session where various job seekers with disabilities and DPO leaders where oriented about how to positively present the issues of employment to employers and other stakeholders. This session was organized with the motivate of not scaring the employers and making them think that this program was organized to compel them to hire employees with disabilities.

The second part of the program was formal session and was intended to deliver the program pitch to the employers. Mr. Sagar Prasai, Project coordinator of NFDN presented a comprehensive paper on how it is possible to have people with disabilities as effective employees for any business. He also discussed about business case of hiring persons with disabilities.

In this same session, various persons with disabilities who already have jobs or are self-employed (achievers) also shared their success story. They highlighted how small changes in the environment helped eliminate existing barriers of success for them. Their stories made employers understand that hiring people with disabilities is never costly.

Particpants of Far Western Regional Employment DialoguePicture Caption: Particpants of Far Western Regional Employment Dialogue

Similarly, employers were also given floor to listen to their thoughts. The employers also took the opportunity to share their commitment to promote employment of persons with disabilities in future.

During the program, Ms. Jyoti Chaudhary, district coordinator of NNSWA (a local NGO) also shared the experience of inclusive employment model adopted by HI social inclusion project implemented throught NNSWA.

The last part of the program was open floor discussion. Almost all participants from all categories shared their experience related to employment.

The program was ended by General Secretary of NFDN Raju Basnet by thanking all the participants and specially employers for providing their time for the day. He also shared the belief of NFDN that the employers will start thinking about hiring persons with disabilities in their business in coming days.


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