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Dec 20, 2018

Skills Sharing Workshop Organized

DRPI AWARE Project, in collaboration with National Federation of the Disabled Nepal and Youth Civil Society organized skill sharing workshop on 17 December 2018 at Hotel Hardik, Bagbazar, Kathmandu to facilitate the learning and sharing about each other's knowledge, skills and other aspects of employment between young people with disabilities and their peers/friends without disabilities. The event aimed to organize a skill sharing workshop in partnership with Youth Civil Society (a not for profit civil society organization working on governance and employment targeting youths with disability). 

About the Workshop

The program started with welcome remarks by Work Placement Coordinator Mr. Kiran Raj Paudel on behalf of DRPI Aware Project and National Federation of the Disabled Nepal. He informed the participants about the project and its procedure in supporting job seekers with disability in the employment process.

The workshop was divided into different sessions with specific objectives based on need for delivery of its content. Each session were followed by logical sequence to link the participants with employment opportunities.

Session I




Each Participant was asked to give their introduction in a different way


Obtain soft skills on introducing oneself with details informing skills and measures of accessibility, making more capable to better present and market themselves. Previously, participants choose to introduce themselves highlighting disability and challenges.



Session II


Confession about situations and incidents


A zero hour time was set in which participants confessed any incidents that happened in their life. A ground rule was set that no judgment would be done on any expressed experiences or any remarks could be made by other participants during. Phones were kept on silence mode and were ensured that everyone got the opportunity to participate. Participants were encouraged to share incidents that were related to situations faced regarding employment.


Participants expressed their feelings and were noted down by volunteers who were assigned at each table. Some of the participants shared experiences about relationship failure whereas most of them shared about failures and challenges faced in finding jobs.

Placed candidates shared about their current working conditions and how their lives got transformed after enrolling in the job. Few participants shared about workplace harassment they faced at work from other colleagues.


Most participants expressed situation regarding job:

a)    applied for job but not called for interview

b)    actual work was not as promised during appointment

c)    working in low salaries and benefits

d)    challenge in coming back home after work

e)    difference in payment regarding worker with and without disability

f)     harassment faced at work regarding use of undignified word and bullying

g)    inaccessible workplaces

h)    other situations


Session III


Story telling  by Candidate


One of the candidates had recently acquired Spinal Cord Injury at work. He was a 35 years old banking professional who met with road accident while discharging official duty. He shared about his feelings and how he struggled to regain back to work after injuries. He did not have past experiences of injuries and was unaware about disability. He shared that he had doubts to rejoin work and the management would not support him. However, with lots of hard work and efforts he started to work with more concentration and dedication, overcoming barriers. He motivated and inspired the participants to keep trying and keep learning to be successful in life.

Following his story, the facilitator who is also a Human Resource Professional, shared about the ongoing efforts to aware employers about reasonable accommodations, efforts to amend policies in Labour Act and Social Security Act of Nepal. Also about the efforts of awareness and committed support through network of Human Resource Professionals such as Human Resources Society of Nepal.


Participants were motivated and encouraged after hearing the story.


Session IV


Discussion on issues and action items


On the situations and incidents that were shared by participants, a brief dialogue was carried out. Mr. Bishal Dahal played the role of moderator and collected ideas and solutions from the participants. Participants discussed about the situations and figured out whether it was a perception/ thought/ feeling or any other choice. Before coming to a decision, participants were informed about possibilities of different options to choose and through deliberation; role could be identified who was responsible to cause the incident or situation.


Participants were made aware about identifying ways to find out responsible roles for the situations. It could be either employer, job seeker, working environment, intermediary or anyone that was responsible rather than thinking about one single option as a cause. Dialogue for deliberation helped to brainstorm, analyze situation, develop choices and create corrective action plans to mitigate and avoid those situations in coming days. The Moderator encouraged each participant (with different disability, religion, gender) to equally to participate and get involved in deliberation process.


Session V


Sharing about Harassment and ways of registering complaints


Following contents were covered in the session:

  • Harassment and its definition
  • Guiding Principles
  • Types of Harassment

     I.        Racial or Ethnic Harassment

    II.        Sexual Harassment

  III.        Psychological Harassment

  IV.        Commitment of Self

   V.        How can victim act?


  • Roles and Responsibilities

i)     At work

j)     Roles of Supervisors and Managers at work


  • Complaints/ Victims of Violence or Harassment
  • Respondents Accused of Violence or Harassment
  • At workplace and at home: Human Resources/ Relatives
  • Investigators


The participants learnt about harassment and found out ways to avoid the harassment and register a complaint for violation of discipline and conduct at workplace. This learning will help existing job seekers to be equipped with ideas to reduce harassment at workplace.


Session VI


Friendship and skill sharing between one another


The final session helped participants to learn different ways to support each other at work. Some of the participants who were already enrolled in a job were linked with job seekers who were looking for job so that experiences of working candidates could be shared with freshers. Social Media and digital media were encouraged to use to connect with each other. Participants with and without disability joined hands to support each other and help gain softskills by strong networking and sharing.

Participants shared about accessibility measures which created mutual respect between one another. Phone numbers and email addresses were exchanged between participants.


Participants learnt to use the networks and friendship formed during this program for better marketing themselves and connecting to more job opportunities in near future.
Participant shared that they are more confident about finding jobs because of the new knowledge and the network formed during this program.



The event was conducted successfully adding an innovative approach to employment process. To build an inclusive workplace, it is important to establish network and connection between persons with and without disabilities. Recognizing and accepting each others will help reduce stigma and helps to highlight skills in a person focusing their personality which is different in all individuals. The established friendship and connection will help to share skills between each other in long run. The workshop helped to empower participants to choose between various options and accept that success only does not exist but there are both success and failures and one with hard work, positivity, dedication, commitment and continuous effort, failure will convert into success.  It is expected that the participants will continue to get connected and learn soft skills from one another.  Mr. Sagar Prasai, Country Coordinator of DRPI Aware Project thanked the participants and facilitator their active participation and shared that the new connection would help job seekers to find better job opportunities in coming days. (Photos at:

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