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General Activities of NFDN

National Federation of the Disabled, Nepal has been carrying out following activities in general:


Advocacy :

  • Lobby meetings, workshops and interactions with government stakeholders for the formulation, revisions and implementation of legal provisions in the favor of persons with disabilities.
  • Various pressure building activities such as peaceful demonstration, group delegation and media partnership for ensuring the rights of persons with disabilities in national policies, laws, programs and budget of government and non-government sectors.
  • Lobby meetings, workshops and interactions with political parties and policy makers for having their political commitment and support for promoting the rights of persons with disabilities.
  • Lobby meetings, workshop and interactions with various international nongovernmental organizations, development agencies, corporate sectors and UN systems for the inclusion of disability issues in development activities.
  • Lobby meetings, workshops and interactions and joint collaborative activities with various non-government sectors' organizations working on human rights, organizations, women rights organization, child rights organizations.


Awareness Raising

  • Publish social communication materials on disability related issues in the form of posters, stickers and handbook.
  • Celebrate international disability day with various awareness raising activities such as cultural program, mass rally, mass meeting, press conference, dialogue on disability issues in national media etc.
  • Organize Disability Bazzar – This is a short term expo where various goods and materials produced by persons with disabilities and useful information about the services of the organizations working on disability issues including the organizations of disabled peoples are exhibited.
  • Organize disability sensitization workshop/interaction program for the local government officers, NGOs representatives, parents, teachers etc.


Capacity Building

  • Organize trainings and workshops to enhance the capacity of member organizations in leadership, advocacy, organizational management.
  • Organize trainings and workshops to orient local government and nongovernment stakeholders on the rights of persons with disabilities.
  • Facilitate persons with disabilities to win the opportunities of various capacity building training and exposure visits for their skills, leadership and personality development.
  • Facilitate persons with disabilities to be organized in various social groups, forums and organizations including self-help groups.


Networking and Collaboration

  • Networking and partnership with Disabled Peoples' Organizations (DPOs) through membership distribution and program partnership.
  • Build network and relationship with disability services providers through collaborative work and program partnership
  • Build financial or technical partnership with government agencies, NGOs and INGOs to implement different projects, activities, joint campaigns and advocacy to promote disability rights.
  • Participate and represent in various national and international disability related forum, committee, seminars, study visits, conferences and workshops.
  • Organize advocacy and awareness campaign jointly with other civil society organizations.

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