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Current Projects of NFDN

NFDN is engaged to implement various different projects in partnership with national and international partner organizations and funders.

We have listed our current project and also the partnership information. Please click on the project title to know more about any specific projects.

in Partnership with:  CBM Nepal

Currently, NFDN, in partnership with CBM Nepal, has been implementing a multi-years project focusing on accessibility entitling “Accessibility for Inclusion” to the end of inclusion of persons with disabilities for the period of 2016-18.

in Partnership with:  FFO-Norway

NFDN has partnership with FFO-Norway since 1998. The partnership has aim to strengthen NFDN's regional outreach and local advocacy by mobilizing the regional network of NFDN. This project has supported five regional coordinators in the five regional office of NFDN and some budget to mobilize the members of regional committee for local advocacy and lobby works.

in Partnership with:  DPOD

This project is supported by Disabled Peoples' Organization Denmark (DPOD). NFDN has been working in partnership with DPOD since 2001. NFDN is implementing the current project titled "Towards Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Nepal – Phase II" since 2013. This has three years terms which starts form 2013 and ends in the December of 2015. The main intervention areas of this project are Good Governance, Policy Advocacy and Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Management.

in Partnership with:  DRPI

The Asian Workplace Approach that Respects Equality (AWARE) project builds on the work of Disability Rights Promotion International (DRPI), which is working to establish a holistic and sustainable global system to monitor the human rights of people with disabilities. AWARE uses this holistic approach to identify and address the barriers people with disabilities experience when trying to participate in the labour force in Bangladesh, India and Nepal.


Past Projects (Completed Projects) of NFDN

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