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Oct 18, 2016

The legislative parliament begins discussion on disability rights bill!

Press Statement

18th October 2016

The legislative parliament has begun the formal discussion on the disability rights bill 2072 from today. The bill was waiting its turn in the parliament for last few months.

Hon. Ajaya Shankar Nayak, minister, ministry of law, justice and parliament affairs presented the formal proposal to consider the bill in the parliament on behalf of the prime minister and minister of the ministry of women, children and social welfare Hon. Puspa Kamal Dahal today. The formal discussion on the bill was started after the unanimous approval by the parliament on the proposal put by minister Nayak.

After the ratification of UNCRPD, people with disabilities of Nepal and their organizations, other civil society organizations and relevant stakeholders continued their pressure to the government to develop necessary legal frameworks for the effective implementation of UNCRPD in the leadership of NFDN. As the result, the government had started the process of rewriting the disabled protection and welfare act 1982 in line with UNCRPD and the bill was prepared after series of consultations and discussion with stakeholders.

Since the revised disability rights act is the main disability related act to play key roles for the effective implementation of CRPD; NFDN, persons with disabilities and all relevant stakeholders are eagerly waiting this act to be passed from the parliament. So, in this context NFDN requests to the parliament secretariat, all law makers and relevant agencies to play an effective role to get the disability rights bill passed from the parliament as soon as possible.

Shudarson Subedi


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