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Towards Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Nepal-Phase II


Towards Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Nepal-Phase II

This project is supported by Disabled Peoples' Organization Denmark (DPOD). NFDN has been working in partnership with DPOD since 2001. NFDN is implementing the current project titled "Towards Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Nepal – Phase II" since 2013. This has three years terms which starts form 2013 and ends in the December of 2015. The main intervention areas of this project are Good Governance, Policy Advocacy and Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Management. 

Implementation Areas

Basically two types of programs and activities are implemented in this project – Center focused Programs and Activities and District Focused Programs and Activities.  The center focused activities are implemented at Kathmandu and they are related to the orientation/workshops/interactions with central board members and staff, policy advocacy with government stakeholders, developing disability related publications, making guidelines and policies for NFDN etc. The district focused programs implemented in project districts through district working committee of NFDN (also called district chapter) which are related to the capacity building of district chapters, self-help groups, Mapping and Monitoring of local Disaster Risk Management Related program in disability perspective and awareness raising on disability issues. In district level 10 district chapters and 103 self-group are engaged directly in this project.

Name of Project district

1)      Jhapa – Eastern Region

2)      Ilam – Eastern Region

3)      Sindhupalchowk – Central Region

4)      Nuwakot – Central Region

5)      Kaski – Western Region

6)      Kapilbastu – Western Region

7)      Jumla – Mid-West Region

8)      Surkhet – Mid-West Region

9)      Baitadi – Far West Region

10)   Kailali – Far West Region


Brief about Intervention Area and programs

  1. 1.    Good Governance : This component of the project includes the following;

  • Develop Comprehensive Good Governance Policy of NFDN
  • Develop Communication Guidelines of NFDN
  • Orientation and training to the mechanisms of NFDN on the policies, rules, regulations, workflows, system of NFDN
  • Provide Training to the District Chapters and Self-Help Groups on Local Resource Mobilization
  1. 2.    Policy Advocacy

  • Revision of National Policy and Plan of Action on Disability in line with UNCRPD
  • Lobby and advocacy for the inclusion disability issues in the new constitution of Nepal.  
  • Develop Simplified Version of UNCRPD in Nepali
  • Massive orientation to DPOs, community stakeholders, self-help group on the National Policy and Plan of Action.
  • Awareness campaign on National Policy and Plan of Action on Disability
  1. 3.    Inclusive Disaster Risk Management (iDRM)

  • Review of National DRM related Policies, laws and acts from disability and CRPD viewpoints.
  • Review and monitoring of local DRM related programs of project districts from disability view points.
  • Develop disability inclusive disaster risk management advocacy tools and strategy of NFDN
  • Orientation on the disability inclusive disaster risk management and advocacy tools and strategy of NFDN to the district members of district chapters.    

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