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May 5, 2016

Living conditions among people with disability in Nepal

National Federation of Disabled, Nepal in partnership with Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare,  SINTEF, FFO Norway and Valley Research Group has published this report.

This report is from the National study on living conditions among people with disabilities carried out in Nepal in 2014-2015. The study was carried out as a household survey with two-stage stratified sampling, including a screening/listing procedure using the Washington Group on Disability Statistics 6 questions, one Household questionnaire administered to households with (Case HHs) and without disabled members (Control HHs), one Individual Case questionnaire administered to individuals who were found to qualify as being disabled in the screening (Case individuals), and an Individual Control questionnaire administered to matched non-disabled individuals in the Control HHs (Control individuals).

The study covers a range of indicators on level of living, such as socio-economic indicators, economic activity, income, ownership and infrastructure, health (including reproductive health), access to health information, access to services, education, access to information, social participation, and exposure to discrimination and abuse (see all questionnaires in Appendix).

Publication Name: Living conditions among  people with disability in Nepal
Publication Type: Reports; Surveys; Studies
Published by: National Federation of the Disabled, Nepal
Partnership: Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare,  SINTEF, FFO Norway and Valley Research Group
Published Date: May, 2016
Language: English
Format: PDF

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